Treatments & Smoothing Services

At Portfolio Hair we have a variety of reconditioning treatments available to nourish and protect your hair. We also provide a range of smoothing and straightening solutions that offer softness, shine with a silky salon finish to frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair. Please speak to one of our stylists to determine the best solution for you and your hair.


  • Kérastase Rituals $35

  • SP Deluxe Alchemy TREATMENT $45

  • Keratin Smoothing from from $280

In response to our clients’ increasing demand to keep straight and shiny long hair, we offer an effective smoothing solution at Portfolio Hair.

Tecna k-factor

Healthy hair should contain 70-80% of keratin. Blowdrying, irons and aggressive products cause damage to the hair structure. Hair will then lose its natural strength and healthy look.

When keratin is missing, hair tends to become frizzy and dry. K-Factor is a new product line formulated to eliminate frizz and to smooth hair for a minimum of four months.

No contra-indications for the hair’s health. Fights deterioration effect that may be caused by external agents – both chemical or thermal.

The hair structure will be reconstructed and the results will last for a long time.

100% Formaldehyde Free