Welcome to the #PORTFOLIOhair journal. We aim for this online diary to be updated on a regular basis showcasing the styling talent (at both our Mona Vale and Crows Nest, Sydney salons), as well as advice, tips and maintenance for all hair types.

This week, we would love for you to meet one of Crows Nest's next-gen stylists; Sam and learn a little about him, whilst also getting some great advice.

But please...keep your tongues in ladies! Its only a quick interview. You'll just have to make an appointment to hear from the man himself.

Read on:

Age and full name please, sir?

25 years. Samuel Maverick Wark

Tell us, where have you worked before? And where did you train/gain your apprenticeship?

Trained at the Anthony Lipari salon (now, PORTFOLIO Hair Crows Nest). I also had a quick stint at a barbershop to gain more men's cutting skills, than returned to PORTFOLIO Hair.

What lead you to get involved with the world of hairdressing?

Mostly the girls (haha) - but seriously, it's just a passion i've always loved since playing with my first Barbies ;)

PORTFOLIO Hair is about forward-thinking and directional hairdressing, where we take ideals and cues from classic styles and redefine with a modern interpretation. What are some of your favoured colour & cut techniques?

I still love ombre/balayage colouring, and I think there is so much more we can push with this technique to reinvent it. And I actually love all precision cutting.

So, 2016’s Wella TrendVision competition is going to be pretty darn huge! We know you’ve spent quite some time preparing your entry (under PORTFOLIO Hair's submission) this year. Can you tell us a little about your submission Sam, what you wanted to achieve and your inspirations behind it?

The look I've tried to create this year is based on a heroine from a Dystopian future. I know that's vague, but you will just have to wait and see...

Ha - thanks. Keep everyone guessing hey!?! What would be your main piece of advice for any younger people wanting to become hairstylists?

I would say go for it! You're going to become part of an amazing culture that gives back as much as you put in.

Any likes and dislikes outside of work? What gets your goat?

Likes: surfing and beers (after a busy Saturday on the floor). Dislikes: vague Facebook posts. As in when people post stuff saying something along the lines of "I hate when people do this..." yet they're really just referring to one person in particular. Just hating whilst on social media is lame in general!

Yeah man I hear you. Ok, lets take it back to a positive note - Music; what are you currently listening to?

Haitan/Canadian DJ and Producer; Louis Kevin Celestin aka KAYTRANADA

Thanks Sam. Best of luck with TrendVision this year. We know you can make it into the finalists!

Thankyou. Yes, I really hope so. Would actually be a dream come true.