Here at Mona Vale, we're super proud to introduce you to our salon coordinator; Ebony who has recently added a highly beneficial (yet limited) service to our business, in the way of hair extensions.

Benefits of hair extensions:

Add colour and vibrancy to the hair: looking for a pop of bright colour or to add subtle highlights to the ends of your hair? Adding lighter or darker extensions to the bottom half of your hair allows for vibrancy without having to actually dye the natural hair.


Hair extensions mask split ends: dying hair can easily result in split ends over time. Extensions allowed for these to be concealed.


Add volume: having thinner hair than you would prefer is something most girls and/or women deal with. Extensions instantly add volume to increase the healthy aesthetic of your hair.


Add length: as long or as luscious as you like! The sky's the limit.


Unlimited hairstyles: upstyles, downstyles, braiding, or even looks straight from Australian Fashion Week...whatever your fancy, we can create something original and stunning.




Ebony's Extensions specialise in MicroBead & Tapes, using AAA Quality European Remy Hair products. Available exclusively at our Mona Vale Salon. Re-tightening and adding volume using extensions are available too.


For further information about Ebony's Extensions, or to schedule a personalised free consultation please contact our Mona Vale Salon on 02 9997 1343 or via monavale@portfoliohair.com.au


  • Full head (100 strands): $510.00
  • Half head (50 strands): $410.00


  • Full head (40 pieces): $550.00
  • Half head (20 pieces): $450.00

(examples of client work)