Keratin Treatments & Rituals
and Smoothing Services

At Portfolio Hair we have a variety of reconditioning treatments available to nourish and protect your hair. Available only at our Crows Nest Salon.

We also provide a range of smoothing and straightening solutions that offer softness, shine with a silky salon finish to frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair. Please speak to one of our stylists to determine the best solution for you and your hair.

Treatments & Smoothing Services

Kérastase Rituals

From $45*

SP Deluxe Alchemy Treatment

From $45*

Keratin Smoothing

From $280*

* Prices may vary between Salon Locations.


Designed to shake up the beauty market, it’s 100% formaldehyde-free, contains UV-protection ingredients and is the only keratin lotion in the world to contain 24-karat gold nanoparticles to intensify hair brilliance. As the name implies, Kerarganic is a rich combination of natural keratin, the vitamin-packed, antioxidant Argan oil grown in Morocco; natural extracts; and an array of essential amino and fatty acids scientifically formulated to repair, beautify and straighten even the most resistant hair. An advantage of Kerarganic over traditional keratin treatments is that you no longer need to wait two or three days to shampoo your hair after the treatment.

Effects are visible within minutes after the first treatment and last approximately three to four months. To prolong results, Kerarganic designed a homecare line composed of salt and sulfate-free shampoo; conditioner, all especially formulated to replenish keratin proteins, nutrients and vitamins that hair loses during the day

In response to our guest’s increasing demand to keep straight and shiny long hair, we offer an effective smoothing solution at Portfolio Hair.